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Thanks! I just realized the first text box was essentially the cover letter as you were responding…

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Hey Jim, I noticed that the application doesn’t include a place for me to include a cover letter.

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Here’s How to Tackle a Brownfield Project as a New Software Developer

When you start off either teaching yourself to code or go to school for it, you almost always start off by building your own basic…

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5 Tips on How to Start Your Personal Brand on Twitter for New Developers

I’ve been on Twitter since 2008 and started off using it mostly because this was around the same time that Myspace was falling out of favor…

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6 Reasons to Lose Weight As A Body Positive Person*

The year 2015 has been a big one for me in terms of a lot of introspection. It’s the year I decided to publicly call myself a feminist …

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Thanks for this, Josh!

Thanks for inspiring this young developer to continue to follow the PM path! 🙂

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Yes! A million times, yes.

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The ‘Drunk User’ Test

Have a brilliant user interface that you’re implementing with your latest mobile app design?

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Three Things I Learned as a Journalism Student

A look back at the various advice I was given while getting my BA.

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Ethics in Media and You

If you have ever watched a few episodes of ‘The Newsroom” on HBO, you will know that ethics in media is a common theme found throughout the series. One of my favorite moments in Season 1 is when main character Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels) dives into a four-minute long public apology and talks about what he calls the “Media Elite”:

Do you as an audience member feel like more media sources should take this stance? Have you ever noticed a lack of ethics in coverage of something? Or do you feel that the media generally does a good job of delivering you information?

If you have a hot minute to spare in your day, follow this link to fill out a form on how you feel about ethics in media. I’m conducting a research paper for my senior class, and any response would help add content.